A Face Like Glass (First Impressions)

OK, you may be wondering, a face like wha? 

Let's make it clear, it's a book! obviously...e_e 


A Face Like Glass, by Frances Hardinge.


My first impressions? Brilliant! Now I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover but this particular cover really stood out against the other books in the shop. Partly because I was craving a new fantasy novel and partly because it was placed, facing me whilst the other books were laying on their backs. I've only read a few chapters of the book but felt it deserved a review anyway! and this is my first so I'm overly excited, it's my chance to (hopefully not) bore you with my impressions so far! 


I don't really want to give anything away because if there's something I truly hate, it's people who spoil books...without mentioning the FACT THAT IT'S A SPOILER! 

But luckily this isn't, but the idea behind this book is extraordinary! I like to describe it as 'something like Alice In Wonderland...except without Alice...or the wonderland part' but those who have read it can agree that it does have the feeling, right? or is it just me...The book's cover really did make me pause and stare for a few minutes, quite understandable really, but you know you've just got to buy a book if it has that sort of impression on you. The particular cover I'm talking about is the one with the huge onion cage, it's really does look amazing, yes, yes I know I shouldn't be promoting a novel based on it's looks, it's like trusting a cat with your fish because it looks so darn cute...off topic...anyway, this book is seriously one NOT to miss and I know in a few days I'll be posting the how much I loved it!


The book literally makes me crave cheese, AND I'M ONLY HALF WAY THROUGH! 


So put your feet up bookworms and inherit a cheese factory because things have just got incredibly Grate! :D